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The Right Plan For you.

The Right Plan For You

Finally you can sit down, take a deep breath, talk and be listened to. The first consultation on all 3 programs will give you 90 minutes for you to relax and talk freely about what your personal health objectives are and together over the course of your desired program, we will create a plan for you to live a better life.


4 weeks

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The Reset program is the first step designed for those people who really want to learn how they can take back control of their own personal health.

Step 1 – 90 minute consultation to discuss your diet and lifestyle.

Step 2 – 60 minute meeting to discuss together your new lifestyle plan.

Step 3 – 60 minute meeting to review & discuss your progress over the past four weeks.

Step 4 – Send a final updated lifestyle plan.


12 Weeks

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This program is for those who wish to receive more support over a longer period.

It’s the Reset program with 2 added 1-hour consultations and an updated lifestyle plan after each consultation.


22 Weeks

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This has been designed for people who feel they struggle keeping to their new lifestyle changes.

It is the Renew program with 2 added 1-hour sessions, plus you’ll also be able to contact me at an organised time by phone two times during the program.

“The food you eat can either be the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”
– Ann Wigmore. Holsitic Health Practioneer & Raw food advocate.



Who I am and how I got here.

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We can do this in person or online,
everything is tailored to suit you.

  • Reset Program
  • Renew Program
  • Retain Program

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