Quarantine or not, it’s still the weekend. Every Friday I normally have a falafel as the guys in bagle hood know too well. But lockdown has me in the kitchen even more so than usual, so I’ve been playing around with falafel recipes. I’ve tried the guys from happy pear and this week I’ve gone with the recipe from Avant Garde Vegan. To be honest, both recipes rock and falafels they’re so so easy to make! What’s also interesting is the “bread” I’m using for wraps is a flatbread recipe from Leon Restaurants. I have their vegan book and it’s immense, to say the least. I’ve been experimenting with different gluten-free & low-carb flours at the mo and these flatbreads are made with chickpea flour and my fellow cell-mates.. it’s the simplest thing to make in the world! You just add water and any herbs you want, whisk and then leave for 20 minutes. Heat up a pan on low-medium heat, spray a little oil on the pan and then pour the mixture on exactly like you would make a pancake. You can make them as big or small, thick or thin as you want. Cook them each side for a few minutes turn, do the other side and hey presto, they’re done. Actually, I’ve been using the same mix to make pizzas! But with pizza, I just transfer them straight from the pan onto the oven grill and then add the toppings and stick them in the oven. Easy peasy! Let me know what your Friday Favs are don’t forget to tag me! Have a great weekend!

Fab Friday Flatbread!


Flatbread recipe
(to make 4 smallish wraps s or 2 medium size pizza bases)
-70g chickpea flour
-160ml water
-2 tsp cilantro
– 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
-1 tsp garam masala/cumin
– 1/2 tsp salt
– Pinch of black pepper.


Pizza base made with chickpea flour