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Renew | 12 weeks 

I find this program is mainly adapted to those of you who have more serious weight issues and would need a longer program to make steady adjustments in order to achieve your goals. There can be a number of reasons why Weight-Set Point can not be reached. It may be your diet, but there are other factors to consider. It may be due to stress or sleep problems, or issues relating to work or relationships. Maybe you have a food allergy or a sensitivity to an ingredient that you are unaware of. All of these, not just diet can affect body weight. For this reason, various processes such as my PEAR (Personal Eating Regime), food elimination tests, stress eliminators or sleep hygiene practises can be introduced, monitored and adjusted in order to find the root problem or problems of returning or getting to your desired weight and/or shape.   

Week 1.

You will complete a 7-day Lifestyle dairy, where you will note the food and the liquids that you consume throughout the week. You will also include any medication and supplements that are taken. Furthermore, you will add exercise and finally how you feel during the day i.e. stressed or tired, or bloated after a meal etc. On completion of the diary, we set up a consultation which can be approximately 75 minute long. Here you will have the time to sit down, to breathe, to open up and to talk freely about your lifestyle. We’ll discuss and come to an agreement about your needs, your objectives and goals. 

Based on the consultation, I’ll then provide you with a Lifestyle Plan that you can follow for the next 4 weeks. We’ll set up an online meeting or call to go through the plan to make sure everything is understood. During this period, I’ll be available should you have any questions, doubts or need guidance.  

Week 2-5.   

You’ll have 4 weeks of following the plan. At the end of this period, we`ll have a meeting to discuss your progress and make any adjustments if necessary.

Week 6-9. 

This can be a crucial time as we’ll have ironed out any issues that you may have had in the first four weeks.  Once you have arrived at week 9, we’ll talk about your progress and make any changes to your Lifestyle if required. You’ll then continue for the next 3 weeks. 

Week 12. 

Congratulations! You have arrived at week 12! I’ll meet you in-person and we’ll discuss how you feel now and to hear your views of the Renew program in general. Are you happy? Have you achieved your goals? Afterwards, I’ll send you a final Lifestyle Plan based upon our meeting and make any adjustments I feel appropriate so that you stay with the new you! 

Price €250


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“The food you eat can either be the safest and the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”
– Ann Wigmore. Holsitic Health Practioneer & Raw food advocate.



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