My intention with the sessions with Keith was not related to weight, because I always stayed in a weight range appropriate for my height and age. What I was looking for was to better understand how and when I ate, because I never paid much attention to my diet. Despite not consuming ultra-processed foods or a lot of junk food anymore, I knew I could make better choices when it came to eating, but I didn’t know exactly how. Keith’s personal accompaniment helped me better understand how our bodies process food. And as a result, we made small daily changes together, which turned out to be very beneficial. I have more energy and even lost some fat. Thanks, Keith!


My main question going into the reset program was: “Am I eating the right things?” Not only did I come away with my question answered but a whole lot more. Keith was extremely thorough with his initial assessment and used his expertise to come up with attainable goals and guide me through the steps to take in order to achieve them. Together, we pinpointed areas to work on and the roots behind some of my eating habits. He was always on hand to offer advice and encouragement, making the process an easy one. I now feel much more confident about what I am putting into my body and have learned some life-long lessons about the way that I eat and exercise.


I´ve always been very conscious of what I eat and I probably even abuse it from fasting and diets. Keith helped me balance my extreme habits by suggesting recipes, keeping a daily log and sharing information on health issues that I´ve been dragging for years. Keeping good habits and a healthy diet is being constant without depriving ourselves from living and enjoying life. Keith kindly stressed this in all our talks and always gave alternatives for a smooth transition into a variety of  food making you discover a world of simple delicious cooking.


I’ve known Keith for over a decade now, when we were effortlessly slim. As years went by and especially after my last pregnancy, I had gained more than 17 kgs, and thus I became aware that I had to do something about my diet. I went to Keith, who, after making me keep a diary of what I ate and drank, which alone is quite revealing, then gave me a Lifestyle Plan, which I adopted to not only my  life but to my entire family. Basic principles such as giving up sugar, being aware of where the food we eat comes from, etc.

I lost 18 kgs combining diet with exercise. I have not been this weight now for more than 20 years! This was more than 6 months ago when we worked together and I am still super happy with my body. THANK YOU KEITH!


Going for a health coach was something that had been on my mind for quite some time. There were definitely things that I wasn’t happy with: constant bloating, low levels of energy, low quality sleep, hair loss, headaches, stomach problems. Keith was very good in helping me put my thoughts in order, linking all of these disorders to an unhealthy eating habit or something in my lifestyle.

Thanks to his guidelines and achievable targets, I managed to identify what the right balance was for me in terms of what I was capable of doing in the long run and what was necessary to do. Keith does a very regular follow-up and makes sure you are not left with any doubts or unanswered questions. I would definitely recommend Keith as your health coach.


When I arrived at Keith’s office, I was living with small annoyances that I always procrastinated about and with which I did not deal with enough determination, due to skepticism and lack of motivation. So for more than ten years I had an allergic rhinitis due to food intolerances and also had the desire to improve my physical condition and lose some weight. I improvised diets and fasts, did sports, and ate well, but without a goal or the supervision of someone to help me put in order all the knowledge and tools that I accumulated and accessed through various sources.

The worst thing was that I stopped believing that I could achieve it and had a bad image about my spirit of improvement. Keith helped me prioritize health improvement in my life and focus on my goals and the potential I had to achieve them. From a holistic analysis of my daily routine he helped me draw a strategy and plan the work point by point. With a 4-week plan, adapted to my obligations and with the little free time I have, I managed to put an end to 95% of the discomfort caused by my intolerances (rhinitis, dysmenorrhea and headaches) and improved my physical condition and my nutrition.

In addition, Keith has proposed and guided me in new habits and routines – like running – that have made a big change in my general health and in my perception of myself and my strength. I never imagined that the road to improving my health was so short and could be so easy and comforting: I definitely recommend Keith as a partner to walk that road with. Thank you!


For many years I had suffered with stomach discomfort which, although I had suspected was the type of food I was eating, was ultimately down to my diet as well as the times I was eating. During the hard lockdown in Spring 2020 this only got worse; the discomfort, bloating, unhealthy living all snowballing. 

I started the conversation with Keith first outlining the types of food I was eating and Keith asked me to use his food diary – this was a huge eye-opener for me as it made me focus on the shit food I was ingesting almost on a daily basis.  The turning point was here for me; I was ready and willing to follow Keith’s excellent advice and daily coaching and put in the immediate action required.

After just 2 weeks of a food diary Keith was able to distinguish the food types that were causing this discomfort and excessive bloating. I was super impressed by this and armed with this new knowledge I began to put my new lifestyle into practice. 

Already after only 2 further weeks the bloatedness had started to fade slowly and I would, and still do, amuse myself by trying on shirts that I never thought would fit me again! 😀 Having definitely turned a corner I have no doubt that I still have work to do but having the right knowledge, guidance and support is of utmost importance and Keith has this in spades. Coupled with the fact that he cares for his clients and this trait is clearly evident from Day 1. Thanks so much!


As far as I remember, I have never been happy with my body weight. At 34, I had tried in vain to be more cautious and disciplined about my general health condition. It was extremely difficult between the mountain of information on the internet, books that I’d bought, people’s diet recommendations and my medical condition, narcolepsy, which is a very rare disease and one that can be difficult in incorporating a routine of diet, exercise and sleep.

Keith has been a massive help in providing me individual coaching; what works for one person might not work for another. During the first consultation we went through a long and deep exchange about different aspects of my life, he came back to me with what he calls a “new lifestyle plan”, very accurate, adapted to my situation and my goals. Keith is really knowledgeable in his field. At first, the idea of a 4 week-program which was drastically going to change my food habits frightened me a little but after about a week I could already feel and see the positive effect on my energy levels, my well being and my weight which was already decreasing, eventually losing almost 4 kilos in 4 weeks. I’m very grateful for Keith’s expertise and monitoring, I finally re-educated myself how to feel healthy! It’s a whole new world that my body is excited to keep exploring.


Before Keith I was always tired, moody, my body was completely out of shape, resembling a balloon and my hair and nails were like dry hay. For a person with my medical background, Nickel allergy, Gluten sensitivity and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, it was never easy to find the right diet plan. Keith taught me that I needed a new lifestyle not a diet plan.

On our first call he was able to spot my intolerance and after two weeks following Keith’s advice my energy level skyrocketed and I started to lose the extra weight too. Moreover, I  lost 4.72 inches off my waist! So thanks to Keith I finally got the double H&H – Happier & Healthier… and my partner is happier too!


Keith appeared at exactly the right moment in time when I was looking for a change in my lifestyle. I was already following a vegetarian diet and eliminating processed foods in my daily life, but I lacked something. My relationship with food was not very good, I was always eating the same things and had no feeling of satiety. 

The help of a Health Coach, was great to give that momentum that was needed to help build a healthier lifestyle. The good thing about all this is the commitment we have to ourselves with Keith’s support. I learned to have a healthier lifestyle, without having to go on any diet (which is a practice I don’t believe in) and respecting my body. In the short time of the follow-up consultation (4 weeks) I had already managed to lose 4.3 kg. Moreover I lost fat, which gave me the motivation to return to exercise. I gained more energy on a daily basis and I was eating less and more healthily. 

I would definitely recommend the help of a health coach, especially Keith if you are also a little lost and need a helping hand to start the change your body and mind have been waiting for.


More than a nutrition coach, Keith was a great listener who took so much into consideration when he accepted the task of finding ways to transform my lifestyle through conscious eating. I’d struggled with bloating, headaches, and digestive problems all my life, and it was his advice, in routine tasks via Skype, that led me to better understand that I was harming myself by not putting any thought about what went into my mouth.

It’s been hard sometimes, but my resolve has held because when I follow his plan, I feel so much better.

Thank you for this, Keith, and I hope more and more people have the chance to have you as their coach.


I decided to turn to a coach because I didn’t feel quite well in my body and would want to lose a few kilos. Because until then I had not achieved it alone.

Thanks to coaching, I lost the kilos I would want. But the most important thing is that I managed to change my eating habits easily. In addition, sport helped me shape my body.

The guidelines given by Keith and the follow-up made everything very easy. I would definitely recommend Keith to my friends and family, and I would go to him again if It was necessary.

Keith thank you very much for your help!


I chose to seek coaching help as I felt I needed to set goals for myself for the year believing I was overweight and unhealthy. In my opinion, I was not eating correctly or exercising with the results I wanted. I found I wasn’t disciplined or experienced enough to both set targets in terms of diet and exercise and stick to them. Coaching helped identify and create achievable goals for me.

I got the results I wanted, I was delighted to get to a point where not only had I lost the weight and acheived a fitness level which made me feel better, but it also changed my approach to health as not something which I had a viewed as a negative in that I was stopped from eating what I liked, but actually it was very positive as I found I was cooking new and delicious meals which I still eat to this day.

Keith’s non judgmental approach coupled with honesty and nutritional facts allow you to understand the process better without thinking that you are either overwhelmed or fighting an uphill battle. He approached the process in a manner which leaves you to feel at ease speaking with him about any issues or concerns you have, and he directs you in a way that gives you the energy and desire to achieve your targets.

I would not hesitate to recommend Keith to anyone. 100% I will use his service again.


Keith was a constant support and comfort as I transitioned to a primarily plant-based diet. With a complicated web of underlying complaints resulting in insomnia, lethargy, apathy, digestive issues and respiratory challenges I knew something had to change.

As a coach, Keith was always on hand with practical advice and a clear strategy to first remedy my lethargy by providing nutritional planning to fuel my body and restore my energy levels.

Our coaching and follow up sessions always resulted in clear nutritional advice and recipes to help me through difficult periods and by complementing this with stress and sleep management techniques I am happy to say I have returned to a healthier and happier me.

Less than optimum wellbeing can often be put down to age, genetics and questionable choices but now, feeling as great as I do, I will never underestimate the value of feeding the mind and fuelling the body with the right foods, at the right time, and most critically with the right instruction from a supportive and motivating coach like Keith.


I had always suffered with constipation and it was hard for me to find a routine of eating and life planning to find a solution to resolve this problem. Keith’s coaching helped me organize my life with a balanced diet and the exercises necessary to regulate bowel function. Keith made a detailed diagnosis of my case and developed a really effective diet and sport proposal.

In addition, Keith is very considerate, came to my house and taught me how to prepare several recipes according to what I needed, in addition to giving me several spices that he himself had prepared and that I use regularly today. I am very happy with the result. Keith is an excellent health coach and I totally recommend him.


I had already tried several times to improve my physical condition using traditional diets based on low calorie intake and fat reduction. These traditional diets had achieved weight reduction in the short term but had proved totally inadequate to maintain this condition in the medium / long term.

When Keith proposed initiating a change in my eating habits following guidelines based on intermittent fasting, I had no high hopes for it as a result of my failures with traditional diets.

Once we began to introduce the different habits that make up this type of lifestyle change, I was seeing that in addition to gradually losing weight, it has given me something much more important, the creation and consolidation of new eating habits in my life.

With Keith’s advice and guidance, it has been possible and without much effort, to learn to improve my diet and progressively decrease the consumption of sugars and highly processed foods.

I am currently in the process of consolidating these habits in order to incorporate them into my way of understanding and facing life, to this day, I have lost 10kgs in 8 months.

“All parts of the body which have a function, if used in moderation and exercised in labors in which each is accustomed, become thereby healthy, well developed and age more slowly, but if unused they become liable to disease, defective in growth and age quickly.”
– Hippocrates



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