Health Coaches are trained professionals who partner closely with clients to help them overcome personal health issues. They take a holistic approach to their clients. They educate, encourage and empower them to make informed choices around food and nutrition and lifestyle in general. Health coaches collaborate with clients and set realistic, practical goals and changes that are sustainable. They coach clients through the potential barriers and the habits and mindset which can hinder changes in Lifestyle. They are non-judgemental and respect clients’ individual needs and goals and take into account a variety of lifestyle factors which are unique to each person. They offer continued support and guidance until the client has reached their health goal or goals. 

Health coaching is a relatively new area in the health sector and is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. According to Precedence Research, the global health coach market size is projected to be worth around US$ 27.8 billion by 2030 with a projected annual growth of 6.7%.

As people all around the world become more aware of their behavioural and mental health, the demand for health coaches is anticipated to increase. To serve the needs of corporate end users, the key players in the health coach market are hiring qualified health coaches. The adoption of health coaches, who offer professional advice and educate the clients to manage chronic health disorders and unhealthy lifestyle habits, is being boosted by the expanding health awareness and the rising consumer expenditure on health and wellbeing.

The increasing prevalence of diseases, physical inactivity, shifting consumer lifestyles, and rising obesity are a few of the main causes of the expanding demand for health coaches. Health insurers and businesses are increasingly utilising the services of health coaches to ensure the wellbeing of their personnel, which will increase their productivity. Health coaches are playing a key role in the client interactions at a number of cutting-edge clinics and other health-focused initiatives emerging in North America, Europe, and Australasia. As a result, the demand for health coaches is anticipated to increase dramatically over the course of the projection period.

The NHS in the UK are now employing Health coaches as part of their personalised care teams and the NHS now provides staff development in Health and Nutrition coaching practices. 

Health coaching is having a significant impact worldwide. According to a recent study several biomarker risk factors, such as systolic and diastolic blood pressure, LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose, body weight, body mass index, waist circumference, and cardiorespiratory fitness, were seen to improve due to working with Health Coaches. 

Health Coaching with The Bald Nutrition Guy

I graduated with the The Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health with a BTEC level 3 advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching.  In 2013 IINH became the first college in Europe to launch a Nutrition and Health Coach training programme backed by a recognised (Pearson/BTEC) qualification. BTEC awards are vocational qualifications highly respected and recognised worldwide. I reside in Spain and I am one of the very few qualified Health Coaches in Barcelona.  

When a client contacts me, they firstly need to complete a 7-day Lifestyle Diary. They keep a daily record of such things as food, drink, exercise and sleep. Once done, we then meet face-to-face if possible or online if not. We discuss the client’s objectives. We talk about their completed Diary. But we don’t only speak about the issues themselves that concern the client, I do a thorough check. I ask about their lifestyle, which includes their diet, supplementation, medications, possible food sensitivities and allergies. Moreover, lifestyle also means discussing their job, their family, their background, exercise and movement in general, hobbies and interests, sleep, and stress. We will talk about the client’s childhood, and health issues if any. In most cases, it is the 1st time that people have been given the chance to sit and breathe, and really open up and speak freely about their health and lives in general. This consultant can take up to 2 hours depending on the client. It can be quite eye opening even liberating for the client themselves. 

Based on the consultancy, I put together a Lifestyle plan which we go through together and come to an agreement on how to proceed over the following weeks. Once the time period is completed we then meet to discuss the client’s progress.  

Attending clients worldwide

I have worked with clients who have had a variety of issues such as weight issues, digestive problems such as lazy gut and IBS. I have worked with Hashimoto’s disease, fatigue, vertigo, clients with food sensitivities and allergies, and clients that have had skin conditions including eczema, herpes, and rosacea. My clients have been between the ages of 25 & 70 years. They have come from Ireland, Spain, Mexico, France, UK, Brazil and Lebanon as you can see in the testimonials. I do online and face-to.face. 

So if any of the above issues sound familiar, or if you’re someone who has been:  

  • following ‘diets’ that don’t work, or that only work for a while. 
  • worrying about weight gain or weight loss. 
  • having digestive issues such as lazy gut, leaky gut or IBS
  • feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and stressed. 
  • sleeping poorly. 
  • maybe just struggling with a persistent, niggling or a chronic health issue. 

 Why not come and see me? 

Presenting talks

I also do public speaking. In 2021 I presented a talk, ‘Healthier, Happier, Longer’ at Equilibrium, Sitges, Barcelona. Equilibrium is an holistic event focused on health, sustainability, ethical living and general wellness. The 2021 edition was its premier year. I have been asked back for the 2022 edition and this year I will speak about trends in the Health and Nutrition sector and give science-backed advice on how to be healthier in the future given the health challenges we face today.

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If you feel that your health needs a reset or if you would like me to present a talk on Nutrition and Health, please get in contact. For information on the services I offer, please click here: ( You can contact me by mail here, . I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

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